Odor Neutralizer

FUNPET ODORES NEUTRALIZER helps eliminate the perception of unpleasant odors in your home or car (* Cigarette and Mold). The product penetrates the fabrics where the malodor is concentrated, eliminating it without leaving any stains. Besides eliminating the bad smells it still leaves a soft fragrance in the environment where it was applied. It can also be used in other environments.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Do not use the product on non-firm leather or fabric surfaces. If there is doubt in the type of fabric to be applied, we suggest that you make a small test in part not visible. Do not apply on pets.

How to use: On surfaces, spray the product until lightly moisten the fabric. 2. Wait for drying. Okay, the stink disappears. For persistent odors, spray a larger quantity of product. In environments, just spray the product in the air.

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